ThinkSky is a professional software development company focused on iOS. It announces that its flagship product–iTools is ready to help iOS users to backup iPhone to PC just in one click.


iTools is an all-in-one solution for iPhone/iPad/iPod management software. It can help users to backup, transfer contacts, Apps, photos, music, videos, books, files and documents from all the iOS devices to windows computer or Mac within just a few clicks and vice versa. Untill now, iTools has helped more than 10 million iOS users to manage their iOS devices and made their apple life happier and easier. But we never cease to improve iTools and make it better.


Please download iTools (iTools for windows, iTools for Mac) to have a try. If you feel good about our iTools, please feel free to buy it on our official website.


To backup your iPhone regularly is a very good habit. It can be a lifesaver if anything emergency happens and you lost all the data on your iPhone. Or, more simply, you just lost your iPhone. In this case, you definitely need a backup data of your old iPhone to update your new one.


Highlights of iTools’ “iTunes Backup Manager”- one click backup iPhone to computer:


  1. Easy and quick to operate in two ways:

You will see the “iTunes Backup Manager” button on the home page of iTools after connecting successfully.

How to backup iPhone to PC

Click “Toolbox” on the menu bar after connecting your iPhone to PC successfully. You will see the “iTunes Backup Manager” button.

How to backup iPhone


Click the “iTunes Backup Manager” button, then click “Backup” button to start backup iPhone.

backup iPhone to PC


  1. You can choose the backup path as you wish.

Click “Browse…” to choose the backup path as you like.

Backup everything on iPhone to PC

  1. Restore your iPhone just in one click.

Click the “restore”button, choose the iOS device you want to restore, then select a backup data, click “ok” to start restore process.

restore the backup of iPhone


ThinkSky is always working hard to make your apple life better!


Any other problems for iTools during your operation, please go to our customer service for solutions.

Know more about thinkskysoft and iTools, please click here.