Order Faqs

Q: Is it secure to purchase via your website?

A: Yes, it is 100% safe to purchase software via our website. All our purchased platforms will ensure that your transaction will be secured.

Q: What is the upgrading policy?

A: The free and permanent upgrading service will be provided to the paying customers. You can contact us with your order information if it is required to new license for upgrading.

Q: May I evaluate the product before agreeing to pay?

A: Yes, we provided the products with trial version that is closed to the full version about functions.

Q: How can I check the result of my order?

A: In general, you will receive a confirmation email about the order. If you have not received it, please check your email spam folder or check your inbox every few minutes. If still not, please contact us through the mail address(support#thinkskysoft.com,‘#’ replaced with ‘@’) with your order information. We will reply to you within 48 hours.

Q: Is it possible to cancel the order after it's paid?

A: Sorry, it’s not. But you can apply for refund based on our refund policy.

Q: Why is it more expensive to purchase than the price on your website?

A: Our company will only charge the fees the same as the website. For additional part, it may be the tax or downloading protection(Extened Download Service) that is a service provided and charged by the unified payment platform. Also, your softwares are backuped in its security servers for 2 years. What’s more, the service of downloading and upgrading will be provided to paying customers freely. Just visit our official website and download the latest version.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: All customers are allowed to return your money within 30 days to make sure you have enough time to check all the functions whether meet your demands. Or you can use our trial version to experience the functions that is good for your work. The difference between trial version and full verison is not big.
Based on he try-and-buy principle, below situations are not included in our money-back guarantee:
1. Customers did not experience our trial version to check the functions whether meets the demands that leads to low satisfaction.
2. Customers asked for the refund without any reason.
3. Customers’order has been completed over 30 days.
4. Customers had not received the confirmation email or license.But they did not attempt to contact us.
Acceptable situations below:
1. The issue of production technology that it can’t be fixed within 15 days.If customers do not want to keep waiting for the solution,they can apply for refund.
2. Pay twice at the same production. Customers can apply one of them for refund .
3. Customers had not received the license of production and got any support about the issue from us.
If customers’d like a refund, they should provide:
1. What is your main purpose of the production?
2. Were all steps completed in the use of the process? If not, which step faild?
3. Leave the order ID that is good for us to improve the user experience.

Q: What is your license policy?

A:It includes personal license and family license. Only one computer is allowed to use the production with the personal license.Family license supports 5 computers. In order to meet the enterprise customers,we also provide the batch-license service. You can choose any one based on your demands.

Q: Can I use the same license to my new computer?

A: In general, the only computer is allowed to be used. So you should contact us to cancel the binding with your original license. After that, you can use the production in your new computer.

Q: Where to download the production of full version after it's paid?

A: It is not necessary to download a special full version. You’ll receive the license to activate the full version after you have paid.

Q: What if I bought the wrong production?

A: Don’t worry. You can check the differences of price and contact us. If the differences are less than $10, we will change the right production for free. Otherwise, you have to purchase the differences for the right production.

What Can We Do For You?

If you can’t fix the issue from our FAQs, please contact us at any moment. We will reply to you ASAP.

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