iTools License( For Trial/New users)

License Rule : Unique keys for Platinum/Premium license. We strongly recommened customers do not sell the keys to people whom you are not familiar with. We only provide the reset service for the owner of license.



Provide the upgrade plan
for Premium License
(Less than 5 PC/Mac),
Personal & Family License
(Older License) & Platinum
( Licensed on
15,30 PC/Mac)


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Platinum License


At least save $25

Licensed on

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Premium License


Save $25

Licensed on

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Bundled Package


5 PC/Mac for iTools

5 PC/Mac for AirPlayer

Save $12

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Subscription License
If you want to activate iTools PC, must purchase Premium/Platinum License
For value-added services, auto GPX generation & unlimited devices support. Unable to activate iTools PC

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All network traffic and transactions are encrypted and protected by the leading e-Commerce provider in the world.

Money Back Guarantee

We provide a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for all of our products.

Lifetime-long and Free Upgrading

We have engaged to keep iTools being compatible with the latest iOS.

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