Even though Niantic enforced a three-strike policy against cheating, there is still safe method for spoofing via iTools PC version. The most impartant point is to avoid the movement in PMGO to get rid of the trigger. We call it “Bot Method” that discorverd by the senior Pokemon-go spoofers. Also, he has emphasized that it means zero in-game movement at all, not even 1 millimeter.

Bot Method:

1. Close the PMGo before you teleport. Stay at the move mode.
bot method
2. Monitor the distance of your next point, estimate the reasonable moving time.
distance of movement
3. Wait for the time up and teleport there. Reopen the PMGO

For spoofing locally, you can calculate the time according to the speed of 1.5m/s if it is short distance ( not more than 50 meters). And 3m/s for long distance. For teleporting distantly, you should respect the actual traveling time.

4. Stand still for catching, spinning or fighting

It is allowed to do the behaviors that required the cool down time. And you are able to use the modded go plus or gotcha in Paris that provide you a automatic way of getting the dust and pokemons.

5. Repeat. Remember to avoid any movement in the game

Point 1 to 4 should be executed repeatly. Do not use joytick to refresh the pekemons.

Advanced usage with Jump mode:

If you want to promote the efficiency, combine the new features of jump mode.

1. Drag and drop the GPX

Most GPX routes are made with Pokestop and gyms. If you have subscribe the advanced GPX, it enables you to use the plenty of GPX routes.You can know more features through another tutorials. Here is the link.

2. Switch to Jump mode

switch to jump mode
3. Monitor the distance of next point (Estimate the time)

next point
4. Close PMGO

Follow the Bot Method.

5. Reopen PMGO if time up

Follow the Bot Method.

6. Repeat till the end of GPX

Follow the Bot Method.