iTools mobile Hardware

1. Mini & Portable

2. Dismantling

3. iTools customized

When you purchase the hardware, you are required to enter your Apple ID bound with the iTools mobile General. It should be emphasized that the General and TWD edition are different testFlight apps. If you want to play both, you should select the TWD+PMGO edition.

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iTools mobile(Our world)APP


1. Push Rare/Epic data of supply,infection,encounter,rescue mission and Raider

2. Push the data of superior house that enables you get higher benefit

3. 360-degree control

4. Legit app and launch on TestFlight

Video demonstration

Notice:The iTools Hardware has be ready now. We will check and add your Apple ID into the approved list that you will get the email from TestFlight to activate your account. Then download the “TestFlight” from App Store and install it. You should see the “iTools TWD” and launch it for the virtual location.