iTools is an easy-to-use transfer tool for iOS devices, helping users to backup apps, games, data, contacts, photos, videos, music from iPhone to PC/Mac computer within seconds.Moreover, iTools is powerful in selectively transferring data including music, photos, videos, movies, books, contacts, notes, files and so on among iPhone/iPad/iPod and computers in a quick way.It is also a perfect management tool for iOS devices. You can easily check, import, export, delete, refresh the content of your iPhone/iPad/iPod on PC/Mac computer. Now IV checker feature is added to make iTools more convenient for users.


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Virtual location is another important feature of iTools. Many Pokemon Go players find it quite amazing in helping them better playing this game. IV checker is a new function just added which enables players to check IV of their Pokemons and make a quick and precise judgment. Obviously, it becomes much more convenient with the IV checker features while using iTools to play the game.



Highlights of IV checker for Pokemon Go with iTools:


  1. Easy and quick to check IV of Pokemon
  2. No other IV checker app needed
  3. No any IV calculator needed
  4. Check IV of Pokemon in batch quickly
  5. Enable you to further check the appraisal system


How to check IV of your Pokemon on iTools:

Follow the steps to know the IV checker feature of iTools better:

Step1: start iTools, click “ toolbox” and click the “virtual location” icon.

Step2: find the “IV” button as the screenshot shows, and click it. Then you will see the following interface:

IV checker for Pokemon Go 1



Step3: start Pokemon go and switch your iPhone screen to Pokemon list, then select the Pokemon to check IV. And then you will see the following interface:

IV checker for Pokemon Go 2


Here you get to know all the values you need to know about this Pokemon and and switch another pokemon to check its IV quickly.

IV checker for Pokemon Go 3


Step4: Click the “accurate result by appraisal”, and then you can check the appraisals of this Pokemon very clearly.

IV checker for Pokemon Go 4


New updates of IV checker

1. Optimize the IV checker feature to improve recognition accuracy.


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