Lightning Extender for iToolsGo Dongle

  • Extension cable for all iPad (Pro, Air2, Air, mini, 4), iPod and iPhones with a Lightning connector.
  • It can prevent the connector of iTools dongle (US version) from being broken.
  • We set the best price and strongly recommend customers who owned the US version order it.

fast charging

power off
TPE environmentally
friendly material

Premium Lightning Extension Cable, 60 cm length (ca. 2 feet),

with charging indicator to let you know when super-fast charging works

Works with all iPad (Pro, Air2, Air, mini, 4), iPod

and iPhone models with a Lightning connector

Extends all signals including video, audio and

the charging function, too!

  • Durable metal shell design: High quality anodized Aluminum alloy shell is wear and corrosion resistant,and enhances anti-interference properties.
  • For best reliability the extension cable is first connected to the external device and then to the iPhone / iPod / iPad
  • Available for iToolsGo of US version.