First of All, iTools really completely thanks to the support of Pokemon go users. It is new mode to combine tools and games that made us grow rapidly. Recently, with the RW wave, part of iTools users were marked and got warnings. Some people said iTools had been detected and no longer safe to play.

From the April to July, iTools has updated tens of times for the virtual location to provider the better user experience for spoofers. But all the features are coded by the our own hard-working programmers without Any connection with third-party gaming server. iTools realized that it is time to stand out and try to analyze the cause of warnings even if we can not 100% confirm all the potential elements being marked. We started to test plenty of different cases and checked our codes. At last, iTools will summarize the behaviors and causes on the table from 20 new accounts( We will keep testing and update all the new rule into new version). And we made a simple iOS app to monitor the real changes of latitude and longitude as walking or staying.

iTools Pokemon Go